This way you can run the marathon faster than ever before!


Many people run the marathon, last year no fewer than 27,000 runners ran a marathon in the Netherlands. At the finish line, many of the runners decide that they will never want to run a marathon again, but a few days later they already plan next one.

To get faster in the marathon there are a number of variables that you can work on, training, nutrition during the marathon and your recovery.


For a fast marathon you need about 3 months of training, assuming that you are at the level that you can run a half marathon. In these three months you need a variation in training: block training, long endurance training, speed training and recovery training. Together these training courses ensure that you can be well prepared at the start.

Block training is meant to run at a higher pace for a longer period of time. An example of a training is 30 minutes of easy jogging, followed by 3/4×10 minutes of marathon speed with a short break of 5 minutes jogging and finally 15 minutes of easy jogging. Through this training you get tempo higher, you learn your body to cope well with the marathon pace.

You do longruns to become better at running longer distances. When preparing for a marathon, it is important to train these long distances. Endurance runs from 20 km up to 35 km are perfect for constructively running longer. By training these distances your body gets used to the load of the long distance.

Speed training ensures that you become faster. There are two forms of training that you can use, interval training and fartlek training.

Interval is a short period of high effort followed by recovery period. For example 10 × 2 minutes at high speed followed by 3 minutes of easy jogging or walking.

Fartlek is playing with tempo changes. For example, you can do 25 × 1 min hard and 1 min easy.

The final form of training is recovery training. This completes the rest of your training during the week. You run at a easy pace between 30 and 60 minutes. This ensures good circulation and helps your muscles recover faster from the other workouts. It is important that your body can handle this.

Nutrition during the marathon

It is best to use a carbohydrate-rich drink during the marathon. The best drink is Maurten. Maurten ensures that you can take the maximum amount of carbohydrates during exercise without stomach / intestinal problems. Look here for more info!


To properly recover from the marathon training, it is important to take enough rest. Many running injuries occur due to overload. Many overloading complaints can be prevented by getting enough sleep. A minimum number of sleeping hours of 7 per night can help you develop injuries less quickly.

Another way to recover well is to visit a masseur regularly or visit a specialist in running injuries. They can help you prevent you from slowly getting into the wrong patterns and developing injuries.

Tailor made marathon program

If, as a result of this article, you do not have sufficient starting points for creating your training schedule, then choose to have a customized schedule made. At Running Solutions we make Running programs for a lot of running to help to run a marathon faster.