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Recovery Lab

New in the practise, Recovery lab

Recovery Lab, is an innovation in the field of recovery after training!
Recovery Lab is a portable masseur that lets you recover faster and more effectively after training.

How does it work?

During exercise, lactate acid is released, how quickly you are recovered after exercise is greatly influenced by this substances. The faster these substance are out of the muscles the better your recovery is. The Recovery Lab uses an air pressure massage, also called pneumatic compression. to push this lactate acid out of your muscles.

Various scientific studies have shown that there are positive effects on recovery after using a Recovery Lab.
The Recovery Lab uses eight rooms that can be filled with air separately. So you can start with the room of the foot and work up to the heart like a sports masseur will do.

The air pressure can be set at 10 different levels. This way you can adjust it to the pressure that is comfortable for you.

Want to try?

At our Location in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel you can try the Recovery Lab If you are interested in purchasing a Recovery Lab? Feel free to us for personal advice.