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Dry Needling for running injuries

Bij Running Solutions maken we gebruik van Dry Needling bij hardloopblessures. Een groot aantal running injuries kan hiermee effectief behandeld worden. In dit artikel lees je wat dry needling is, wat de voor- en nadelen zijn van deze behandelmethode en waarom het geen behandeling op zich is.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a method in which small needles are put within tights muscle bands in muscles with the aim of effectively and quickly relaxing the muscle. The muscle hardening that is pierced with the small needle is a trigger point in the muscle.

Why do we release these triggerpoints?

Trigger points are hardening / cramping of muscle fibers. These trigger point can give local pressure pain but also radiating pain over a larger area. In addition, trigger points can lead to reduced muscle function, shortened muscles and muscle stiffness.

How do triggerpoints occur in runners?

De meeste triggerpoints ontstaan door een overbelasting van de spier. Dit kan komen door een verkeerde looptechniek, te veel, te snel of te lang trainen. Maar ook door verkeerd spiergebruik buiten het sporten om zoals ergonomie op het werk.

A trigger point can also occur acute, for example due to a fall or ankle sprain.

Hoe ziet een behandeling er uit?

If the therapist’s research shows that there are trigger points in the muscles, it may be decided in consultation with you to use dry needling. This will aim to improve muscle function and quickly reduce the symptoms of pain you experience.

However, dry needling is only part of a total treatment in which all factors that influence the complaints are included. The trigger points are often just a part of the problem and more will often be needed.

How does it feel?

The piercing of the muscle is almost without any feeling. However, the moment the trigger point is hit, a contraction of the muscle can occur, this is called ” local twitch response ”. This can give a feeling of cramping for a short time. The muscle then relaxes quickly and the metabolism in the muscle increases. Because of this you will notice the positive effect quickly.

After treatment, the muscle may feel tired or stiff for another day. This is normal and only for a short time.

Indications for dry needling

Dry needling kan effectief worden ingezet bij een grote variatie aan blessures. Dit is echter alleen als er een triggerpoint component aanwezig is. Denk aan de volgende klachten: Achillespees klachten, Kuitklachtenvoetklachtenshinsplints, runnersknee, heupklachten etc.

Contraindications for dry needling

Dry needling is not recommended for pregnant women in the first 3 months, with blood diseases, with infections and for people with an increased risk of infection such as diabetes and lymphatic problems.

Heb jij een goede behandeling nodig voor je hardloopblessure? Boek dan online een afspraak in onze agenda.