Human Tecar

Thanks to our work with the world elites in marathon runners, we have the Human Tecar at our disposal, which we can now use at Running Solutions for all recreational or subtop runners. The Human Tecar is an innovation within the world of injury recovery. We use the Human Tecar for muscle complaints, acute pain complaints, tendon problems and fatigue/stress.

What does the Human Tecar do?

The Human Tecar is a device that uses an electromagnetic field, which stimulates both the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. With this stimulation you promote recovery of the different tissues from within the body: the body gives heat from within during such treatment. This ensures relaxation and a faster recovery.

At the time of an injury, the Human Tecar ensures that the natural processes of recovery are promoted. This way the recovery time of an injury can be accelerated.

What do we use the Human Tecar for?

  • Muscle problems;
  • Pain relief;
  • Moisture discharge (decrease of swelling);
  • Restoring the joint mobility;
  • Relaxation / recovery treatment after a great effort (for example the marathon);
  • Specific complaints such as:
    • Acute and chronic tendon complaints;
    • Runnersknee
    • Shinsplints
    • Ankle sprain;
    • Heelspur

The treatments with Human Tecar have already proven themselves in elite sports. Many top athletes use this technology, such as Usain Bolt, Wilson Kipsang, Eluid Kipchoge and many others.

Recovery after great effort

We are happy to use the Human Tecar to support people who have made great efforts in a race. The marathon is a wonderful example for this. After running a marathon, the body must absorb a huge blow and has to recover from it. By using a relaxation treatment of the Human Tecar, your body gets a little push in the right direction.

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