Why should you do a running Analysis?

Running seems like a simple movement, but appearances are deceptive. Because of our sitting culture, our body loses its strength and mobility, which unlearns the natural running movement. People who “just” start running can therefore develop pain or injuries. Almost everyone takes swimming or tennis lessons, but the same should apply to running!

In principle, all injuries are unnecessary. If you run correctly, you can continue to do so for the rest of your life without being afraid of worn knees, ankles or hips. Research has shown that running does not have any unhealthy effect on our joints, as long as it is done properly.

Identify and improve your weaknesses. A thorough running analysis is a good start to chart your personal strengths and weaknesses. We look at the position and movement of your foot, ankle, knee, hip, back and arms. Hereby we trace the factors of overload and we give advice on how you can improve your movement pattern in a sustainable way. This way you reduce the risk of injuries. In the long term, this pays off in healthy, strong joints and years of running pleasure.

Reduce the risk of injuries

Years of running pleasure

Finding personal strengths and weaknesses