What does Running Solutions do?

Running Solutions makes a paramedical injury diagnosis, treats sports injuries, makes exercise and training programs, helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

What do you bring to your appointment?

Be prepared for questions about your injury history. Take relevant results of examinations in the hospital with you such as an MRI or X-ray.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatment can vary between different people and complaints. After a complete intake, the treatment plan will be discussed with you.

What do I wear during a treatment?

During an intake or treatment it may happen that we ask you to take off your shirt or pants to properly assess the complaint. Make sure you wear comfortable underwear or bring sports short.

How do I make an appointment?

Our preference goes to the online calander You can also contact us with e-mail or call us on +31 6 50 63 05 10.

Do you need a referral from a doctor?

No, we use direct accessibility. This means that no referral is required. If you do have a referral, take it with you.

Immediately after your appointment you can pay in cash or by card. You will receive an invoice by email to submit to your health care provider.

De codering op de factuur verschilt per behandelaar, dit komt omdat Jorin Oefentherapeut Mensendieck is en Lex Sport fysiotherapeut.

Codes Oefentherapie:

Intake: Code 2412
Behandeling: Code 2000

Codes fysiotherapie:

Intake: Code 1864
Behandeling: Code 1000 

A treatment process can vary greatly per diagnosis, the degree of complaints or limitations, your injury history and other factors. We will evaluate with you throughout the process to achieve your treatment goals.

We specialize in running related injuries. You can think of complaints about the lower back, legs and feet. For more information, see the Running tips page.

By working contract-free, Running Solutions can handle without restrictions. The quality of the treatment can thus be guaranteed. This way we can offer our intake of 90 minutes and a treatment of 60 minutes.

Running Solutions has no contracts with health insurances. The level of your reimbursement will vary per insurer and their policy. After an appointment with Running Solutions you will receive an invoice that can be returned to the health insurer.

To rebook or cancel an appointment, you can e-mail or call +31 6 50630510. Make sure you contact us at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise we will charge the costs for the treatment.

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