Recover your tendons faster with Collagen

Many runners have to deal with it, tendon complaints. It varies from Achilles tendon, hamstring attachment, patellar tendon etc. But why tendon complaints occur in runners and what can the intake of collagen supplements mean in preventing and resolving these complaints?

What is a tendon?

In the image below, a tendon has been dissected into the small fibers. As you can see, the smallest cell is made of collagen. A huge part of the tendon, this is also the part where runners often suffer damage!

Why does the tendon get damaged by running?

Many tendon complaints are caused by overload. This has to do with the running movement, which is the same after every step. This creates the same load on the tendon and then thousands of times per run. A healthy tendon can handle this to a certain extent, but only if you do too much can these complaints give. Then there is damage in the collagen of the tendon. This damage is poorly repaired. That is why it is important to ensure that the collagen is strong enough to prevent injuries but also to make the healthy fibers strong.

Tendons get less strong as you age.

What much research shows that tendons get injured more quickly when you are over 35. This is because the elasticity of the tendon tissue decreases with age. This is a normal process, but if you want to run injury-free, you have to be more careful. There are a number of things you can do to protect your tendons from injury.


Exercises for powerful tendons. These are described in the running tips for the different tendon injuries.

Running Program

A Balanced running program.


The use of collagen supplements in combination with improving the load capacity of the tendon.

Why collagen supplements?

Collagen is a protein that is important for our body. It ensures the cohesion and elasticity of connective tissues such as tendons, connective tissue and bones. The production of collagen decreases drastically after your thirties, making you vulnerable to injuries and other issues. You can improve the tendon with hydrolysed collagen, a very easily soluble and absorbable protein. By using collagen supplements, your tendons will recover faster after intensive exercise.

Lessons from elite sports

In elite sports, collagen supplements have been used for a long time to make the body powerful and agile and to prevent injuries. Many sports doctors recommend these supplements to athletes with tendon-related complaints.