Location Amsterdam
van Hallstraat 617
Location Ouderkerk
Holendrechterweg 21B

Injury treatment

Intake90 minutes€95
Treatment60 minutes€75
Short treatment30 minutes€40
Online consult30 minutes€40
Online consult60 minutes€75
Report of treatment filen.v.t.€40
Running analysis60 minutes€125

Running program

TypeDuurTraining intensiteitPrijs
Intake Running Program30minOn appointment€35
Beginners programPer 4 weken< 3 trainingen p/w€35
Advanced programPer 4 weken4 trainingen p/w€40
Expert schemaPer 4 weken>5 trainingen p/w€45
*Running Programs are sold for a minimum of 3 months*

Important to know

Running Solutions has not concluded contracts with health insurers. This ensures that Running Solutions works without restrictions. The quality of the treatment can thus be guaranteed.

How does this work?

If you have undergone a treatment at Running Solutions you can pay for it immediately afterwards by card or cash. You will then receive an invoice that meets all the requirements of the health insurer. You can submit this invoice to your health care provider. The amount of the reimbursement depends on the additional insurance policies that you have taken out. If you want to know in advance what your health insurer will reimburse you, we recommend that you consult your insurer.