Online consults can be an effective method for runners who have an injury but are unable to come to our practice. With our years of knowledge of running injuries, we are able to provide sound and tailor-made advice remotely.

For whom is an online consultation ideal?

  • The injured runner who does not live close to our practice. This can be a runner from the Netherlands or from another country.
  • Runners with a full agenda that have no possibility to come by the practice due to lack of time.
  • Runners who have been treated by us and need extra advice that does not require physical treatment.

What does an online consultation look like?

An online consultation will preferably take place via a video call. During this interview you explain the complaints you experience, how they came about, what you have tried so far, etc. Based on this information you will receive sound advice.

  • You learn what you can and cannot do with this injury
  • You receive customized advice to be able to run injury-free again as quickly as possible.
  • You get exercises that you can perform independently without a gym.
  • You receive advice for your local physical therapist and/or trainer.

Which injury can be treated in an online consultation?

What can we not do during an online consultation?

There are a number of elements of a consultation in practice that we cannot do during an online consultation.

The manual (hands-on) treatment is not possible during an online consultation. In most cases this is not a limitation for a successful consultation.

If a manual treatment is required, we can advise you to go to a local therapist.

Does my insurer reimburse an online consultation?

At Running Solutions we have not signed any contracts with insurers. For more information about reimbursements, see our prices page.

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