Foot stability for runners

Do you suffer from tired feet while running? Pain at your heel? Do your have ankles instability while running? Or do you have flat feet? Then read on quickly and find the solution to these problems, namely foot stability!

Carriers of the body

The feet are the carriers of the body, they have to work hard while running. They come to the ground about 150 to 185 times per minute when you are running. During running, the impact of landing can increase to several times body weight. For example, if you weigh 80 kilos, the impact can be 3 times as large, 240 kilos per step! But did you know that the highest force is not at the landing but at the pushoff? The forefoot thus gets the highest load!

Dynamic pair

But how can the foot handle this load properly? The foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 tendons and 19 muscles that together form a very strong and dynamic structure. This way the foot can handle the forces properly and efficiently!

Insufficient foot stability

Yet suffer from complaints in the foot? Then it could well be that the foot stability is insufficient! Below are 6 exercises that you can use to train the stability and mobility of the foot.

Do you still notice that you continue to have complaints?

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Big toe lift

Foot stability exercise

Short foot

Foot stability exercise

Small toes lift

Foot stability exercise

Wegstrekken en optrekken voet

Foot mobility exercise

Toe Spread

Foot stability exercise

Rondjes draaien enkel

Foot mobility exercise