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Running Solutions is the running injury specialist of Amsterdam and the surrounding area. We handle all sports injuries that are related to running. We believe that everyone can run injury-free.

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Running Solutions is a sports medical center for the running related injuries, in whatever sport. We help athletes to develop an efficient and healthy running style, so that the chance of injuries is kept to a minimum. In the case of injuries, we ensure the fastest route to recovery. We do this for runners, sprinters, soccer players, hockey players, basketball players, handball players, korfball players and any other sport in which running plays a role.

At Running Solutions we approach the athlete in an individual and holistic way. We look at the entire picture of running style, injury history, work situation and other factors to offer customized treatment or coaching, tailored to your unique physique and life situation. Our mission is to make you run faster, stronger and longer. By improving your stability and technique and by tracing the underlying cause in the event of injuries, we bring you back to your top level.

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during the intake we look at how your muscles and joints move through a static and dynamic movement test. Then we film you while practicing your sport. We make a thorough analysis of your strengths and weaknesses based on both tests. You get a clear (paramedical) diagnosis about the cause of your injury(s).

Through the treatment we increase the mobility of the injured muscles and/or joints. We give you tailor-made strength and coordination exercises where you consciously work on your weaknesses. We translate this into your specific sport or movement situation. This way you can integrate the improvements directly into your movement pattern.

If we have brought you back to your level, we will also ensure that you stay there. We give you specific exercises and tips to keep your body free of injuries in the future. With our aftercare you ensure that your body is performing correctly. That way you won’t fall back into bad movement habits.


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